kohaCon 2019
Stockholm, Sweden
May 27 to June 2

KohaCon 2019

Stockholm University Library, with the support of the National Library in Sweden and the Swedish Koha User Group, is proud to announce our proposal to arrange KohaCon in Stockholm 2019. Stockholm University Library has for a long time been actively collaborating around systems and systems development, as well as open source software. We went live with Koha in July 2016, and helped establish the Swedish Koha User Group the same year. Koha is growing rapidly in Sweden (as well as Finland, and other parts of Scandinavia), and we would like to showcase the efforts and commitment that is happening with Koha in our area of the world, as well as give something back to the community!


The proposed location for the main conference is Aula Magna, a large and bright auditorium in the center of Stockholm University Campus. The hackfest will (most likely) take place at the library premises. The Stockholm University Campus is situated in the Royal National City Park, just minutes away from the city center of Stockholm.


The proposed dates are May 27th to June 2nd (the last week of May).

About Stockholm

Stockholm offers everything you expect to find in a cosmopolitan city, including beautiful architecture, museums, and international food. In the heart of Stockholm you will find an old city center that was founded during the 13th century. Stockholm is built on fourteen islands so you will meet stunning waterfront views almost wherever you go. Besides that Stockholm has recently been rated the safest capital in Europe, and is famous for its many green areas.


Travelling to Stockholm is easy. It is accessible by train, bus or car if you live close by, or you can fly to the international airport Arlanda (ARN), a major airport with 180 different destinations.
Arlanda airport

The airport is accessible by train, bus, taxi, shuttle etc. The fastest option is Arlanda Express high-speed train which takes 20 minutes between Arlanda and Stockholm.
Arlanda Express


There are plenty of hotels in downtown Stockholm, both budget as well as more costly options. There are also several hostels, and amply of apartments to rent.
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Stockholm University

Stockholm University is one of the leading European universities, as well as one of the largest institutions for higher education in Sweden. The university has about 34,000 students, 1,700 doctoral students and 5,000 staff. The university faculties, who conduct both research and higher education, are; the faculty of humanities, the faculty of social science, the faculty of law, and the faculty of science. The university is also the home of a number of internationally prominent research environments.
Stockholm University website

Stockholm University Library

Stockholm University Library is one of the largest academic libraries in Sweden, with 1,2 million bibliographic records, 1 million items, 1,3 million issues per year (including renewals), 1,2 million yearly visits to the library website, 1,3 million yearly visitors (about 4000 visitors per day), 100 staff. We went live with Koha in July 2016.
Stockholm University Library website

Koha in Sweden

Koha is growing in Sweden, and is attracting a lot of attention. To date 26 libraries has gone live with Koha, with more on the way! This includes 7 university libraries (including three of the biggest in Sweden) and a consortia with 8 public libraries. In early 2016 Stockholm University Library helped establish the Swedish Koha User Group - which consists of a number of libraries in Sweden that have implemented, or is in the process of implementing, Koha. The User Group today has 46 Swedish libraries as members, as well as a number of private individuals. The members co-operate in a number of task groups with issues such as translation, Swedish documentation, Interlibrary loan (ILL) support, and also furthering development of Koha.
The Koha user group website
Koha libraries in Sweden

Contact information:
Andreas Hedström Mace (andreas.hedstrom.mace@su.se) | Katarina Ingemarsson (katarina.ingemarsson@su.se) | Cilla Öhnfeldt (cilla.ohnfeldt@su.se)

Photo:Henrik Trygg / mediabank.visitstockholm.com | Stockholm university mediabank | Stockholm University Konferensservice