Ordering public documents from Stockholm University’s central archive

To retrieve documents relating to a particular department, you can contact the department directly. In most cases, such requests can be processed through the respective department, even though they may have sent older parts of their archive(s) to the central archive.

To retrieve documents in the university’s central archive, you can use one of the order forms. You can also remain anonymous if you wish.

In addition, you can call +46(0)8-16 20 00 and ask to be connected to the central archive function.

Check the following first.

  1. The Study Register is managed by the Student Services. Contact the Student Services to retrieve a certificate or extract from the Study Register (Ladok). The Student Services also processes copies of degree certificates issued this year or during the previous two years.
  2. Doctoral theses, licentiate theses, degree projects, etc. can be retrieved from the DiVA database.
  3. Official course syllabuses are partly available in the university’s database of courses and study programmes, SISU.

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